2005-06-26 - 10:18 p.m.

John is okay. John is just sleeping. John misses you too.

All best,


That just doesn't do, does it?

I dunno. I'm not quite sure how I feel off the grid. I'm not a 23 year old anymore. Leaving this space seemed sort of natural. And it's not like I think it's lame to write here, at all. In fact, I miss it. I think it's that I wanted a little freedom from writing, from updating. For a good long stretch, it was helpful for me to update and update because I knew that you can't develop as a writer if you're not writing.

I've thrown a lot of my energy into music, which is a young area to be in. I couldn't write with a capital R back then because, as my reasoning went, I had nothing to write about.

Writing about the daily nuances of my life sort of worked. It helped me. I can't say I'm less paranoid, but I certainly cannot say that I'm not self-aware.

Sorry to re-use it again and again, but...

I dunno.

A lot of it is that I remember being proud of an early entry that I think I called "momma bird." Enough said. Do I want to keep writing here, where there's so much exisisting proof of asdf asdf asdf asdf asdf asdf asdf?

And the other part says, dude, that was a good joke. The other part says dude, you were freaking out, but it made sense in the end, and the other part says dude, you can't read them 'till six months later, or whatever, now's your chance.

It says "Here's another chance for you."

I got a new keyboard. There's another chance for a story for you. It's like typing on a cloud.

Maybe I've been re-tooling all this time. Maybe, but I haven't been, but maybe.

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