2002-06-25 - 12:50 a.m.

I would say that, perhaps, the most interesting thing that happened to me today was when another man jammed his finger up my asshole.

This was after he had told me to drop my drawers. He surveyed my private area with his hands, and then instructed me to turn around.

I was ready for it, I guess, but I was still somewhat overwhelmed when it actually happened.

I thought to myself, as he wiggled about for more than a few seconds, I can't believe I'm actually paying for this!

I did my best, though, to quietly take it like a man. I was more than a little surprised when, through the pain, a voice-crackedingly yelp passed by my lips. It wasn’t an acknowledgement of pleasure, mind you—just a frenetic and at the same time quiet ejaculate, the tone of which I had never imagined my throat capable.

More soon than later it was all over, and then he was gone. I put my clothes back on.

I went to meet him in his office, where we discussed, of all things, potential alternatives to my asthma medication.

Listening to: Is this it? by the Strokes
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Background: cable channels seemingly changing themselves

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